I’m not that kind of girl!

Alright, I’ll admit it, I’m female! There that shocked you didn’t it? No? Well according to so many stereotypes I’m not… I can remember the time I did a test that told me in the results that I have a man’s brain. They didn’t tell me his name, so I couldn’t give it back.

I didn’t believe them anyway because I don’t believe that only men can reason logically (plus I’ve met a lot of men who don’t even have a nodding acquaintance with logic). I don’t believe that only women can be caring either. Some women are wonderfully warm and supportive, an awful lot aren’t. Some men are just the best at taking care of others, it doesn’t mean they’re not men.

It frustrates me that these stereotypes are still kicking around, the pressure that is put on children to conform is phenomenal, when you add in gender expectations it becomes ridiculous. So, girls and boys… I hate pink. I virtually never wear it, I own very few things that are that colour. I’m not really a pastel person. I don’t wear make up, I can’t be wasting my time faffing around with it. I’m not a sucker for babies, I’m sure they’re very nice, but I’d rather have a puppy.

Are you beginning to get the picture? Well, the thing is, I can knit and crochet and sew. I can also do DIY, fix broken toys, wire a house for electricity. I get interested in things, and then I like to find out how to do them. I like to read books too.

So my advice is: ignore other people’s expectations, find out about the things that interest you, go fishing, or ballroom dancing if you want to, and don’t worry about gender stereotypes. If someone has a go at you, realise that they are almost certainly more worried about what they think they should be doing, than you are about what you should be doing. They are threatened by you, and scared of you, that’s why they’re attacking you.

I know it isn’t always easy, but you have a responsibility to yourself, plus all the generations growing up in the future. Be who you are.


Tipping over…

It’s all distraction and exhaustion, the more pressure everyone is under the less likely they are to challenge the system. Until… you reach tipping point… they’ve gone too far, both in America and here. People, even the most unlikely people, are starting to think.

We have rising unemployment balancing against people working stupidly long hours. Many of those who are in work are stressed because they are over worked, under appreciated & terrified they will lose their jobs. And many of those who are unemployed are stressed because they have totally inadequate income, the media attacks them all the time, they feel they are failing in their lives, they are terrified they will never get a decent job.

What this picture lacks are two things: common sense, which would tell anyone this is an insane situation and is possible to remedy; and, respect… respect from employers to employees, respect from the media for those who have to struggle with our twisted benefit system usually through no fault of their own, and finally self-respect. I have worked for my self respect. No bastard is taking it away from me. I am a worthwhile human being whatever my employment situation is… and so are you!

We have media that oversimplify, stereotype & trivialize. They demonise the poor & powerless, at the same time deifying “celebrities” (who they have created in the first place).

The criteria used to decide what is newsworthy is not just biased, it is warped, increasing feelings of powerlessness, fear & alienation in the naïve, uneducated (wait til that rant appears), & unwary.

The entertainment media predominantly concentrate on themes of deceit & mistrust to the point that dishonesty seems normal. To want or expect honesty & decent considerate behaviour is viewed as, at best, idealistic &, at worst, naively stupid.

“Soaps” are the worst offenders in all ways. Stereotyping characters in the most negative ways possible. Trivializing & poking fun at those who most need sympathy & understanding. They also underline their own myth that every happy experience will inevitably lead to tragedy. All in the guise (for many watchers) of reflecting real life.

Much of the media treat all their followers as if they are stupid or naïve. They offer little in the way of mental stimulation but much titillation, then wonder why fewer & fewer people engage with them. In attempting to always grab the biggest market share they have forgotten we are all individuals. We will swallow their nonsense for a while, then, inevitably, one way or another it makes us sick.

Life itself, as well as being mundane & tragic, is richer, funnier, more rewarding & unexpected than anything the mainstream can imagine. The stories passing around the social media certainly illustrate these points.

The inhumanity of governmental behaviour at this point is very worrying. It’s like they believe their own propaganda. This is scary to say the least. Bear in mind that “power” often attracts those who feel inadequate in normal life, very often they have sociopathic tendencies (the need to manipulate, absence of compassion, etc). This means there are a disproportionate number of politicians who have these qualities. Obviously there are those who go in to politics because they are so horrified by the behaviour of the sociopathic element. But it does explain the cruelty of much of what is going on at the moment.

Protest marches are a great way of getting people to realise that they are not alone. But if those marches are misrepresented, or not reported at all, by mainstream media do they have the intended effect? We need to look again at the tactics of resistance. Tactics which worked in the recent past aren’t necessarily going to be particularly effective now. The establishment have developed ways of dealing with predictable resistance…

Any ideas anyone? It’s time to tip over this government that is destroying everything we have and hold dear.