Not “government”, representation.

This “British” society is not good for anyone. It is not working to anyone’s benefit. The majority (only just) party is working to disassemble the safety net that is the welfare state. They are taking away the means of survival for the most disadvantaged, they are reducing the possibilities for the merely poor, they are making life a misery for those in work, they are reinforcing the mentally (and physically) destructive behaviours that make them think they have a right to destroy other people’s lives.

We need to stop calling them “the government”. They have no right to make decisions that go against their constituent’s interests. They are our representatives. They are supposed to represent us, not work to destroy us. They are not given their positions through god’s will, they are voted for by the electorate. Sometimes the electorate is both misinformed and misguided, we need a more honest and reliable media, one that prides itself on it’s integrity, one that sets itself against abuse in all it’s forms, one that sees titillation for what it is (playing to the lowest common denominator), one that respects it’s readership/viewers. And we need a government that embraces these values too.

We need to work towards a healthy and kind society, one that we can be proud to be part of. We also need a way of triggering a general election when it is obvious that the current majority party is not representing the majority of the population.


Wrong On Both Counts

I was talking to someone the other day who has to claim JSA. They aren’t happy about it, but they can’t find a job. They’ve been put on something that bears the title of a course, but it isn’t a course, it’s a series of meetings where they are coerced into producing their CV in a variety of different formats.

From what they were describing it seems to be an exercise in duplicity. The CV that they are expected to produce does not bear any resemblance to their real experience or even personality. They are supposed to sell themselves, not to be honest.

I find this disturbing. How about young people with no experience and poor education? How are they supposed to sell themselves? They have no experience to inflate, so they will have to lie outright, rather than exaggerate (which is bad enough).

Those with poor educational results can’t make them look good without lying. And a mismatch between claimed skills and educational attainment is going to raise a red flag for any potential employer.

Worst of all, if someone does get a job using one of these misleading CV’s they are unlikely to be able to live up to the expectations of their new employer. This means they are unlikely to keep their job. Also they will not get a good reference when they try to get their next job.

The whole exercise seems to me to be a waste of time for both the person I was talking to and the person they have to meet, as well as being a complete waste of money. It also reinforces my belief that our British government thinks that we are all liars, and that they think lying is an acceptable thing to do.

For most of us they are wrong on both counts.

Facebook post from 21/02/12

I, as an individual, have no confidence in the current British government. I believe it is time the coalition was dissolved and the people given a chance to elect a government that may even represent some of our interests.

I do not wish to live in a country whose government has shown such blatant disregard for human dignity and human rights. It appears that the current parliament is even more corrupt and uncaring than any in living memory. It is self-serving, selfish and smug.

I do NOT want ACTA. I do NOT want the current proposed NHS reforms. I do NOT want DLA replaced by PIP. I DO want ESA scrapped and IB reinstituted. I DO want the changes in Legal Aid scrapped and a return to the previous system. I DO want changes to benefit system so that unemployed people are treated with compassion and respect. I DO want changes to the education system so that each child can get the stimulation and education that they need.

Does anyone want to live in a country where the government attacks the populace it is supposed to represent? Such governments provoke a response. This is mine.

Dissolve parliament now! It is time for a change. Instead on focussing on finance we need to focus on our greatest treasure, our most valuable resource – The people of this country.