Just popping in

I’ve not been blogging for a little while, because I’m working on a longer piece. It’s very similar to what I write here, but I want to make it coherent whole. So, I won’t be sharing bits of it here.

I’m also busy with some other stuff, so finding time to blog as well as everything else just hasn’t been possible.

Anyway, I’m still here, still thinking stuff, still want to find ways to help people make their lives better.

So… look after yourselves. Try to find something beautiful in every day. Hold on to every little (or big) happiness. And know you are lovable.


3 thoughts on “Just popping in

  1. After reading a little about you and saw that you were looking to help others, I thought you might be interested in the Petition I started with the goal of helping people receive accurate unbiased healthcare information from professionals with peer review research behind their opinions. I am petitioning the news media to allow journalists to interview ALL sides of the issues without sharing their individual biases. This way people can make better informed decisions about their own health and the health of their families. I would welcome your signature and if you agree with the content of the petition appreciate you sharing it with your social media contacts. As a disclaimer, I DO NOT benefit in anyway from this petition. I simply want to help our society move forward in a better direction. Thank you.

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