Well, I’ve been looking at publishers and literary agents sites, and basically I think it’s safe to say that they don’t want to know you until you’ve already done all the work you will be paying them for!

Self publishing sites are a lot more friendly, though some of them want to part you from a significant chunk of money before they publish anything. Others are surprisingly generous, some only taking a small cut from your sales. They tend to be the epublishing companies. I suspect that will also be because they have to do bugger all work to publish you.

I have to say that the more I read the less certain I become. About the only thing I’m sure of is that any author will have to do all their own promotional work.

Finding Our Way Home

Well, things are developing apace. I thought it would be a good idea to set up a separate blog for what my lovely Tim insists on calling my book.

So here it is.

The challenge for me is to work out how to have more than one blog active at a time, and how to share this as widely as possible without being a complete pain.

About my writing… my basic premise is that the human race, particularly modern western culture, has lost it’s way and we need to make some significant changes. Not because we are scared, but because we deserve a better, kinder world. I critique modern Britain and some of it’s history. I talk about celebrity culture and blame culture, two sides of the same coin, and loads of other stuff.

Watch this space. 🙂

Just popping in

I’ve not been blogging for a little while, because I’m working on a longer piece. It’s very similar to what I write here, but I want to make it coherent whole. So, I won’t be sharing bits of it here.

I’m also busy with some other stuff, so finding time to blog as well as everything else just hasn’t been possible.

Anyway, I’m still here, still thinking stuff, still want to find ways to help people make their lives better.

So… look after yourselves. Try to find something beautiful in every day. Hold on to every little (or big) happiness. And know you are lovable.