Transition @ Trinity 14 March 2015

On Saturday my lovely Tim & I went to Transition @ Trinity in Bristol (UK). It was an informal and relaxed atmosphere, with cake (donated by participants) and drink available from the off.

We all sat in a circle as we were introduced to the itinerary for the day, the organisers, and presenters. I didn’t see any egos in evidence. Lead by Angela Raffle we took part in some exercises designed to break the ice, which they did. The first person who introduced himself to me was Rob Hopkins. I managed not to be too hopelessly tongue tied.

We met a number of people, chatted for a few minutes and then were encouraged to talk to someone else. Everyone seemed very pleasant and supportive. Some had a really good idea of what Transition is about, others were new to the ideas and processes like us.

We split into two groups, one group who were already involved in Transition got together to undertake a “health check” with Sophy Banks. The rest of us had an introductory session with Sarah McAdam and Ciaran Mundy. It was both informative and enjoyable. It was well designed, with the idea of encouraging people to participate as much as possible.

When that ended, we were about to be briefed about networking during lunch (which sounded fabulous). Unfortunately both Tim and I were feeling a little under the weather by then. Tim’s back was complaining about him sitting still for such a long time, and we were both very tired, so we called it quits.

I have to say that the experience reinforced the value of Transition for me and everyone else. I’m looking forward to getting involved once Tim and I have slightly fewer pressures in our lives. We found it uplifting and encouraging. If you have the chance to go to anything like this event I suggest that you grab the opportunity. I doubt that you will regret it.


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