I Just Need Some Peace

The noise, the damn noise, there is no let up, there is no peace. A siren from a police car, ambulance, fire engine. The beeping from a lorry reversing. The car alarm, the house alarm… Noise on noise on noise…

The hoover reverberating through the wall from next door, someone shouting at their kids, the constant stream of traffic noise, the bin men, the delivery people banging on the door. Noise, so much noise.

In the garden nothing changes, the helicopter over head, the airplanes heading to places quieter than this, the party music out the back. The fireworks. Too much noise.

And in the park the children shouting, screaming, crying. The parents even louder still. Dogs barking, yipping. And there is no peace.

And I’m worn thin with the constant abrasion. I just need some peace.


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