Green And Pleasant Land

It’s very, very scary at the moment. They are destroying everything. We have to hang on to what is really important, the people we love, the things we can actually do, and, if we feel strong enough (and there is no shame in not being strong enough) protesting and shouting about the ways our world is being poisoned and changed.

I am horrified by what is happening in Parliament Square at the moment. It’s like reading about (and seeing video from) America. Not English Bobbies, how could they behave like that? There have always been some arseholes in the police, we saw that back when they fought against the miners way back in Thatcher’s day (at her behest). She was the first Selfservative Prime Minister to declare war on the very people she was supposed to be working for. Her agenda was very personal and basically rooted in her fear of other people.

But moving forward to this week where Parliament Square is full of peaceful, legal protesters. Protesting at the inhumanity of the changes being forced on the British people by a government that has no real mandate. If a fairer political system was in place we would not be in this situation. It would have been a small change that would have done much to protect the freedoms that we already had.

The situation is more frightening for those of us not dependent on the mainstream media for our information, the fact that the BBC is not reporting the level of anger and resistance in Britain at the moment indicates that the fingers of control have reached further than we feared.

But even those not in the know are scared. They know things are wrong, they just don’t know the extent of the problems. They think that all we need to do is survive until the election and magically all will be returned to as it was before. I wish that they could be right. Unfortunately even the best case scenario won’t get us there. Things have been damaged and changed so much that some things cannot be undone.

Fracking is the most obvious and frightening ecological example. Once rock has been shattered only volcanic activity can make it whole again! All to get gas we don’t need, and an awful lot of us don’t want. As for the insane suggestion that coal should be burnt off in situ, underground… I can’t think of words that can describe the stupidity of it sufficiently.

I have never understood the mentality that thinks that it is OK to destroy and poison the natural world. We can’t replace it once it’s gone, there is “no planet B”… To quote Devo, “There’s no place like home to return to…”

Fracking leads to the poisoning of underground water sources. It is inevitable and unavoidable. There is no way that their industry can stop it. That means it will very quickly severely reduce the amount of clean water that is available to us. So, the air will be further polluted by the gasses they cannot catch (escaping from cracks they did not expect and will find very difficult to locate), and we will have to buy poisoned water, because free(ish) tap water will be a thing of the past.

Houses near fracking well heads will see their value plummet, the jobs created will be minimal, the gas extracted will only be a fraction of what is down there… and we can get more energy for less financial outlay by following the renewables route. We would have to suffer from terminal stupidity to allow fracking to happen in our, at the moment, green and pleasant land.


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