Facebook post from 21/02/12

I, as an individual, have no confidence in the current British government. I believe it is time the coalition was dissolved and the people given a chance to elect a government that may even represent some of our interests.

I do not wish to live in a country whose government has shown such blatant disregard for human dignity and human rights. It appears that the current parliament is even more corrupt and uncaring than any in living memory. It is self-serving, selfish and smug.

I do NOT want ACTA. I do NOT want the current proposed NHS reforms. I do NOT want DLA replaced by PIP. I DO want ESA scrapped and IB reinstituted. I DO want the changes in Legal Aid scrapped and a return to the previous system. I DO want changes to benefit system so that unemployed people are treated with compassion and respect. I DO want changes to the education system so that each child can get the stimulation and education that they need.

Does anyone want to live in a country where the government attacks the populace it is supposed to represent? Such governments provoke a response. This is mine.

Dissolve parliament now! It is time for a change. Instead on focussing on finance we need to focus on our greatest treasure, our most valuable resource – The people of this country.


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