Taking Control of Our Lives – Part 3

I want to start this piece wit a quote from Future Scenarios by David Holmgren “There is a desperate need to recast energy descent as a positive process that can free people from the strictures and dysfunctions of growth economics and consumer culture.” As I understand it he’s referring to the running out of fossil fuels and the fact that, without some very fancy footwork, we are staring at the end of the world as we know it.

As the decision making on energy resources and energy use are predominantly in the hands of corporations and short-sighted governments, I feel we cannot expect changes to be fast enough, or radical enough, to be of any real assistance to ordinary people.

From a position of “enlightened self-interest” I am very concerned that something should be done to help ordinary people. We cannot rely on those who are currently in positions of power to provide that help. Indeed, the current British government has demonstrated a spectacular lack of care and concern for the vast majority of the British population.

Therefore we needs must look elsewhere. The most common sense and practical movement is currently the Transition Network (https://www.transitionnetwork.org/). Their mission is to provide people with skills and support to help them cope with whatever happens next.

Personally I feel the most empowering thing anyone can do at this point in time, when the cost of living is still rising as wages (either in real terms or as a result of part time hours) are at best treading water, if not actually sinking, is grow food.

For people on benefits (which are being cut) this might be the only way they can afford healthy food. The cheapest foods are nutritionally impoverished and, paradoxically, fattening.

Many people believe that growing food is time consuming, hard labour. But there is an increasing body of knowledge which shows how to get good yields for relatively little work; how to grow healthy crops with very little space. It takes planning and preparation, very little maintenance, then – the best bit – harvesting!

To be involved in food production is the ideal way of reducing the impact of the current changes (and possible future ones) in British, and other, societies.

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One thought on “Taking Control of Our Lives – Part 3

  1. It is true. The damage we have enacted on the world is real, frightening and threatening to strip us of everything that we thought we had (or owned, even though this mentality is the very mentality which is destroying us). I too feel this sense of doom, like nothing we can do will curb the effects and that it is better to prepare for the end. But I have to always hypothetically slap my face a few times and shake some sense into my noggin. Question: Is the last imprint we want to leave to our ancestors (for people will survive) is us giving up? Buckling down and preparing for the worst? Or do we want them to see that we had the ability to pick up arms (proverbially and literally if necessary) and fought back against the powers that be to try to right it all, to show that we care? I vacillate between the two. But want to settle neatly between them erring more to the side of fighting back. In essence, it is true, it is too late for humanity and the animals who have known this earth the way it has been for decades, but for the future? I think that there is hope if we believe in it. Great thought provoking post!


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