Notes from the past…


I’m finally so fed up with this country and culture that I can’t keep quiet any longer. People are important. Self-respect, integrity, love, generosity, sympathy, empathy, respect, manners, the simple beauty of nature, they are all important. Money is only a tool that we adopted when barter became too complicated – can we please remember that!

Rant 1 over… more to follow.


Rant 2

We have media that oversimplify, stereotype & trivialize. They demonise the poor & powerless, at the same time deifying “celebrities” (who they have created in the first place). The criteria used to decide what is newsworthy is not just biased, it is warped, increasing feelings of powerlessness, fear & alienation in the naïve, uneducated (wait til that rant appears), & unwary.

The entertainment media predominantly concentrate on themes of deceit & mistrust to the point that dishonesty seems normal. To want or expect honesty & decent considerate behaviour is viewed as, at best, idealistic &, at worst, naively stupid.

“Soaps” are the worst offenders in all ways. Stereotyping characters in the most negative ways possible. Trivializing & poking fun at those who most need sympathy & understanding. They also underline their own myth that every happy experience will inevitably lead to tragedy. All in the guise (for many watchers) of reflecting real life.

Much of the media treat all their followers as if they are stupid or naïve. They offer little in the way of mental stimulation but much titillation, then wonder why fewer & fewer people engage with them. In attempting to always grab the biggest market share they have forgotten we are all individuals. We will swallow their nonsense for a while, then, inevitably, one way or another it makes us sick.

Life itself, as well as being mundane & tragic, is richer, funnier, more rewarding & unexpected than anything the mainstream can imagine.


I saw a comment yesterday where the person said that facebook wasn’t the place for politics. As this person isn’t one of my friends (and from what I saw of his profile, never will be) I didn’t challenge it. Personally I think this person doesn’t understand what politics is.

Life is politics. Some times written LARGE, sometimes written small. It’s about what you think is important: what you will fight for; what you will fight against. And to quote Rush “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”

Eyes closed or eyes open it’s still all politics. To quote another of my favourite bands, Skunk Anansie, “Everything is political”.

Take care of yourselves. If you don’t no one else can.


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