Democratic Britain… NOT – Part 1

Many people in Britain are proud of our democratic history. This is because of two things they have been misinformed about: British history; and, what democracy is.

Democracy is a political system where every eligible person is entitled, if not required, to vote about every political act undertaken in their name. This is not what happens in Britain.

We have what is called an “elective dictatorship”. Which means that every eligible person has the right to vote for someone who makes decisions for them. And, because of our system of constituencies, allied to “first past the post” voting, we very often end up with a government that does not represent the points of view of the majority of the population.

Not only that, they often do not have the welfare of the majority in their hearts. As far as I am aware, until the election of Caroline Lucas (who is not my MP), there has not been a member of parliament who even came close to representing my point of view.


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